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Southern Soybean Disease Workers, Proceedings of the 38th Annual Meeting (March 10-11, 2010, Pensacola Beach, Florida, United States

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SSDW treasury report

Southern United States Soybean Disease Loss Estimates for 2009. Compiled by SR Koenning

Green Bean symposium (Jason Bond, moderator)

Factors Contributing to Green Plants at Maturity. DJ Boquet, RL Leonard, GB Padgett, RW Schneider, J Griffin, J Davis, and R Vaverde

The Green Stem Disorder Enigma in Illinois. C Hill and G. Hartman

The Influence of Fungicides, Herbicides, and Their Interactions on Green Bean Syndrome. GB Padgett, DJ Boquet, RW Schneider, and MA Purvis

Association of Stink Bug Injury with A "Green Plant" Malady in Soybean. JH Temple, BR Leonard, J Davis, P Price, and J Hardke

Managing Green Stem: Desiccant Application Timing in Indeterminate and Determinate Soybean. JM Boudreaux, JL Griffin, RW Schneider, and GB Padgett

Graduate student paper competition (Boyd Padgett, moderator)

Disinfection of Soybean Seed by Sterilization of C. kikuchii and Other Seedborne Fungi with Gaseous Chlorine Compounds. P Price, DJ Stephens, RW Schneider, and GB Padgett

Field Evaluations of Simplicillium lanosoniveum as a Biological Control Agent for Phakopsora pachyrhizi. NA Ward, RW Schneider, and CL Robertson

Effects of Environment and Cultivar on Charcoal Rot Development in Soybeans. M Doubledee, J Rupe, C Rothrock, S Bajwa, A Steger, and R Holland

Field Evaluation and Molecular Screening of Soybean Lines for Resistance to Sudden Death Syndrome. DW Clark and S Kantartzi

Southern Soybean Disease Workers paper session (Clayton Hollier and Boyd Padgett, moderators)

Effect of a Fungicide and Insecticide Application on Soybean Seed Quality in Mississippi. TW Allen, CH Koger, AL Catchot, J Gore, D Cook, RE Baird, S Martin, and C Daves

USB Funding of Soybean Disease Research. R. Joost

Can Headline Fungicide Reduce Yield Loss in Soybean Caused by Soybean Cyst Nematode? DE Hershman and BS Kennedy

Efficacy, Yield and Economics of Ballad Plus Biofungicide for Soybean. S Atwell, D Warkentin, and D Manker

Management of Soybean Nematodes Through the use of Resistance and Nematicides. M Emerson, S Monfort, A Carroll, J Fortner, T Kirkpatrick, and J Barham

Asian Soybean Rust in Louisiana: Evidence of a Dynamic Pathogen. CA Hollier, PA Bollich, GB Padgett, and MA Purvis

Alabama Disease Survey. E Sikora, JF Murphy, K Lawrence, and D Delaney

Black Root Rot of Soybean: An Emerging Problem in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. C Coker, T Allen, and GB Padgett

Soybean Resistance to SCN in.North Carolina, a Continuing Story. SR Koening

Research Update on Screening Germ plasm and Breeding for Reisistance to Phomopsis Seed Decay in Soybean. S Li, A Wrather, P Chen, and J Rupe

Afternoon sessions (Cliff Coker, moderator)

Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus: A New Widespread Virus in the Southeast and Midwest. J Zhou, R-H Wen, M Newman, SK Kantartzi, MR Hajimorad, and IE Tzanetakis

Black Root Rot a New Soybean Disease to Arkansas. A Carroll, S Monfort, M Emerson, and J Fortner

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