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Southern Soybean Disease Workers, 30th Annual Meeting Proceedings (March 3, 2003, Little Rock, Arkansas, United States)

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Southern Soybean Disease Workers 2002 treasury report. James Bond

United States Soybean Disease Loss Estimate for 2002. Compiled by Stephen R. Koenning

Evaluation of Reduced Rates and Timing of Azoxystrobin on Frogeye Leaf Spot Cliff M Coker

Effect of Fungicides on Soybean Disease, Yield and Seed Quality. RW Schneider, JD Siebert, CA Jones, and JL Griffin

Effect of Fungicide Seed Treatment on Soybean Establishment. ML Rosso, C Boger, G Bates, C Rothrock, T Kirkpatrick, and J Rupe

Influence of Soybean Cyst Nematode on Sudden Death Syndrome Development in Field Microplots in Arkansas. SL Giammaria, CB Boger, and JC Rupe

Possible Mechanism for Resistance to Pythium spp. in the Soybean Cultivar Archer. GD Bates, CS Rothrock, and JC Rupe

Late Season Diseases Have Major Impact on Soybean Crop in Mississippi in 2001 and 2002. GL Sciumbato and Alemu Mengistu

Identification and Characterization of Soybean Germplasm with Resistance to Seed Infection by Phomopsis longicolla and Cercospora kikuchii. Eric W Jackson, P Fenn, and PK Miller

Soybean Green Stem Caused by Selected Strains of BPMV. You-Keng Goh, Said A Ghabrial, John S Russin, and Jason P Bond

Meloidogyne incognita, Moving on to Greener Pastures. Jonathan B Allen, Jason P Bond, and Michael E Schmidt

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