Southern Soybean Disease Workers


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Southern Soybean Disease Workers, Proceedings of the 9th Annual Meeting (April 14-15, 1982, Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States)

Abstracts and reports

Conference chairman, H Jack Walters


Copyright 1982, the authors of the respective texts



1982 Southern Soybean Disease Workers Officers

1982 Southern Soybean Disease Workers Program Committee

Committee Chairmen

General session

Presidential address. Walter Walla

Role of American Soybean Association in Soybean Production. KL. Bader

Agricultural Chemistry World Wide. D Wolf

Soybean disease management. W Winner presiding

Soybean Disease Loss Estimate. E Koldenhoven

Disease Management Panel Discussion: The Consultant and Soybean Disease Control. R Carver

Disease Management: Chemical Industries' Point of View. HL McMenemy

Management Tactics for Soybean Diseases. DP Schmitt

Farmer and Soybean Disease Control. J Andries

Soybean nematodes. J Arnett presiding

Standardized Nematicide Research Report. A Wrather

Nematode Parasites of Soybean other than Cyst Root Knot and Reniform. C Laughlin

Nematicide Application Techniques. C Baldwin and R Rodríguez-Kábana

Damage Threshold Populations of Meloidogyne incognita and Hopolaimus columbus on Soybean. SA Lewis and J Appel

Graduate student presentations, Paul Backman presiding

Spread of Pod and Stem Blight from a Point Source. JC Rupe and RS Ferris

Infection of Soybean by Cercospora kikuchii as Affected by Dew Temperature and Duration of Dew Periods. KF Martin

Symptomless Disease Development of Soybean Anthracnose. HS Young

New developments. D Kinney presiding

Progress Report on Dithane. D Kelley

Ridomil for Phytophthora Root Rot Control in Soybeans. LD Houseworth

Soilbrom 90 for Soybean Nematodes. DA Rickard

Bravo on Soybeans. HR Smith

An Update on Furadan for Nematode Control. B Hough

Soybean Stem Canker. B Moore and M Newman

Soybean Viruses: Effect on Yield and Seed Infection. D Stuckey

Aerial Blight. J Berggren

Race 5, Soybean Cyst Nematode. L Young

Soybean seed, seedling and soil-borne diseases. N Horn presiding

Standardized Seed Treatment Research Report. MC McDaniel

Seedborne Pathogens, Soilborne Pathogens and Soybean Seedling Disease. RS Ferris

The Control of Soybean Seedborne Diseases with the Foliar Application of Fungicides. JW Southern

Update on Races of Phytophthora megasperma f. sp. glycinea. R Keeling

Foliar, pod and stem diseases of soybeans. F Maxey presiding

Standardized Foliar Fungicide Research Report. R Sturgeon

The Effect of Foliar Sprays on the Presence of Mycorrhizal Vesicles in Soybean Roots. N Horn

Pod and Stem Blight of Soybeans: Nature, Occurrence and Importance. RE Stuckey

Soybean Anthracnose. G Whitney

Treasurer's report. D Smith