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Taxonomic Report of the International Lepidoptera Survey (June 3, 2021) 9(4): 1-78

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The genus Euphilotes at the northern end of its distribution is reviewed, with special emphasis on populations in Montana. Also discussed are some Euphilotes populations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and southwestern Canada that have affinities with Montana. This region has until recently been essentially neglected in studies of the genus. We characterize and discuss six species (two newly described) and twenty-five subspecies (six newly described) of Euphilotes, including a number of yet undescribed populations. New species include E. heracleoides Kohler & A. Warren (type locality in Sanders County, Montana) and E. oakleyi Kohler (type locality in Missoula County, Montana). New subspecies include E. baueri borealis Kohler (in Sanders County, Montana), E. baueri shoshone Kohler (type locality in Butte County, Idaho), E. oakleyi madisonensis Kohler (type locality in Madison County, Montana), E. ancilla montosa Kohler (type locality in Missoula County, Montana), E. ancilla campestris Kohler (type locality in Powder River County, Montana), and E. rita montanensis Kohler (type locality in Carbon County, Montana). Adults and male and female genitalia are figured for newly described taxa, and compared to various congeners.