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Taxonomic Report of the International Lepidoptera Survey (June 15, 2014) 7(6): 1-6

Also available at https://lepsurvey.carolinanature.com/ttr/ttr-7-6.pdf


Copyright 2014, International Lepidoptera Survey. Open access material

License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-SA-NC 4.0 International)


Field observation and captive rearing was used to clarify larval host plant use in Enodia anthedon, Satyrodes appalachia, and S. eurydice in Vermont, USA. In nature S. appalachia larvae were found on Carex lacustris, C. lupulina, C. gracillima, and C. tuckermanii. Enodia anthedon in nature was found to oviposit on grass and on Carex lacustris. Larvae of E. anthedon were found on C. lacustris and C. lupulina. In captivity, all but two E. anthedon larvae chose Carex over grass. Both E. appalachia and E. anthedon larvae thrived on a diet of C. lacustris and C. lupulina in captivity. Early instar captive larvae refused C. sparganioides but late instar captive larvae accepted said plant. Grass may be an acceptable alternate host for Vermont S. eurydice. Miscellaneous observations on early instars are reported.