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Taxonomic Report of the International Lepidoptera Survey (May 20, 2010) 7(5): 1-18

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The nomenclatural status of ten names in the genus Pieris are reviewed. The dates and locations of publication of pseudobryoniae Verity, 1908 and adalwinda Fruhstorfer, 1909 are corrected; they are infrasubspecific unavailable names. The names pseudobryoniae Barnes and McDunnough, 1916 and arctica Barnes and McDunnough, 1916 are newly identified as available species-group names with at least four and six syntypes respectively. A lectotype of pseudobryoniae Barnes and McDunnough is selected, with the type locality being Nulato, Alaska; browni Eitschberger, 1983 is a subjective synonym. A lectotype of arctica Barnes and McDunnough is designated, with the type locality being northern Norway. The name arctica Verity, 1911 is an infrasubspecific unavailable name. The date and location of publication of pseudonapi Verity, 1909 is corrected; it is an available name with pseudonapi Barnes & McDunnough, 1916 a primary homonym. The name macdunnoughii Remington, 1954 is the correct and original spelling; Miller and Brown (1981) provide the incorrect subsequent spelling mcdunnoughi. The name passosi Warren, 1968 is an available species-group name. A lectotype for passosi is designated; the name meckyae Eitschberger, 1983 is a subjective synonym. A lectotype is designated for pallidissima Barnes and McDunnough, 1916. The name angelika Eitschberger, 1981 is a nomen nudum, but angelika Eitschberger, 1983 is an available name. We suggest placing two taxa as subspecies of P. angelika, resulting in the combinations P. angelika sheljuzhkoi Eitschberger, 1983 and P. angelika schintlmeisteri Eitschberger, 1983. The publication date of Ulf Eitschberger’s Systematische untersuchungen am Pieris napi-bryoniae-komplex (s. l.) (Lepidoptera, Pieridae) is determined to be sometime in December 1983, nominally placed as December 31, 1983.