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Taxonomic Report of the International Lepidoptera Survey (July 20, 2005) 6(5): 1-3

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The genus Megisto Hübner, 1819 in the eastern United States and southeastern Canada is currently comprised of the original epithets Papilio eurytus Fabricius, 1775, Papilio cymela Cramer, 1777, Papilio eurytris, Fabricius, 1793, and Neonympha eurytris viola Maynard, 1891. Because the eastern Megisto is considered by some, including the present author, to contain two or more sibling species, the types and type localities of each of these names were studied. Where no type was found and no type locality fixed, typification was established by lectotypification or neotypification and a type locality was fixed. The taxonomic relationship of these taxa were then overviewed. No syntypic specimens were located for P. cymela and thus a neotype was designated and the type locality fixed as: Colleton County, South Carolina, United States. Papilio eurytus and P. eurytris are different spellings of the same Fabrician taxon. Syntypes of P. eurytus/eurytris were found in Glasgow, Scotland, and considered to represent a different species than P. cymela. A lectotype was designated for P. eurytus/eurytris and the type locality fixed as Berkeley County, South Carolina, United States. The type specimens of N. eurytris viola were not located but are possibly at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States). Its type locality is Enterprise, Volusia County, Florida, United States.