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Taxonomic Report of the International Lepidoptera Survey (March 15, 2007) 5(2): 1-83

Also available at https://lepsurvey.carolinanature.com/ttr/ttr-5-2.pdf


Copyright 2007, the authors. Used by permission


This compilation of butterfly illustrations for the Yosemite region is intended primarily as a supplement to the text publication on Yosemite butterflies (Davenport, 2004, and Davenport, 2007, 2nd edition). Taxonomic interpretations and names follow these documents. Common names and authors of the scientific names are given in the text publication. This color plates publication also functions as a stand-alone document for naturalists and lepidopterists with need for reference illustrations only.

Butterflies were selected from Ken Davenport’s private collection to illustrate most species and subspecies for the Yosemite region. If good quality specimens were available from within the region, we often used those. Most of the photography was done by Charles Grisham. In other cases Jim Brock, Howard Grisham, Norbert Kondla, Richard Meyer, John Pasko, Andrew Warren, Michael Leski, and Crispin Guppy provided needed specimens or photographs. Most of the illustrated specimens were photographed under indirect natural light to maintain color fidelity. Most were also photographed using the ‘glass plate’ method to produce shadow-free images. Digital cameras were used for all illustrations. Norbert Kondla edited the raw images and assembled them into life size plate format. Paint Shop Pro was used for image editing and Microsoft Word was used for plate assembly.

Specimen localities given are mostly from within California, United States. All specimens illustrated were collected by Kenneth Davenport unless otherwise noted.