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Taxonomic Report of the International Lepidoptera Survey (November 15, 2003) 4(4): 1-15

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Copyright 2003, International Lepidoptera Survey. Open access material

License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-SA-NC 4.0 International)


The taxon Boisduval and Le Conte described in 1833 as Melitaea ismeria is examined as a historical entity and confirmed as a sister subspecies of the taxon Chlosyne ismeria nycteis. The ismeria populations in the southern Appalachian mountains (United States) are described as a new subspecies: Chlosyne ismeria obsoleta. In facies, this new subspecies is most similar to the western subspecies Chlosyne ismeria drusius in that it is dark and contrasting in its dorsal markings. It is known to range from the mountain region of extreme northern Georgia north in the Appalachians to near southwestern Virginia, United States. It may range into southern West Virginia, United States.