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Published in D. L. Leal & K. J. Meier (Eds.), The Politics of Latino Education (pp. 103-121). New York: Teachers College Press, 2011. Copyright 2010 Teachers College, Columbia University.


In the 41 states without a substantial historic Latino population, large-scale schooling of Latinos is a comparatively new issue and the nature of that schooling is fundamentally shaped by how the more established (usually Anglo) populations understand this task. This chapter describes the understandings that led to, but also limited, one particularly comprehensive attempt in Georgia to respond to Latino newcomers. In that sense, this is a study of the cosmologies that can undergird the politics of schooling of Latinos. This chapter utilizes the concept of the script, or broadly shared storylines about how things are or should be, to illustrate how two such competing scripts were employed in Dalton, Georgia.