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April 2001


Published in Journal of Aesthetic Education, Vol. 35, No. 1, Spring 2001. ©2001 Board of Trustees of the University of llinois. No part of this article may be reproduced, photocopied, or distributed through any means without the expressed written consent of the University of Illinois Press. Used by permission.


In my desire to trace further the meanings and traditions sedimented in the term aesthetic, inherited and being reconstructed, I am drawn to my knowings of the beach as a place to begin. I know aesthetic experience to be a disclosive dynamic revealing the fore-understandings that have shaped my way of seeing and being. I am a living embodiment of these structures. I know aesthetic experience to depend on this sense of placedness. It is an ongoing search for attunement that assumes and acknowledges the pres¬ence of cognitive, affective, and somatic dimensions. I turn to my own know¬ing of aesthetic experience to offer a living experience of what placedness means. In so doing I remember John Dewey's words calling for "aesthetic experience to tell its own tale.