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Lewis, E., Baker, D., Lucas, L., Tankersley, A., Hasseler, E., Rivero, A., & Helding, B. (2022). Discourse in Inquiry Science Classrooms, Version 2.0 (User’s Manual). University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Arizona State University.


This is a user's manual for the externally validated Version 2.0 of the Discourse in Science Inquiry Classrooms (DiISC) instrument. The instrument is best suited for use in conducting research in secondary (grades 6-12) science classrooms that focuses on teachers' instructional practices, but can also be used as a professional development tool for teacher self-reflection and identifying goals for instructional change. The DiISC Version 2.0 is aligned with a model of a scientific classroom discourse community and articulated characteristics of social constructivist lessons in the categories of inquiry, oral and written discourse, and academic language development and essential learning principles.