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Lewis, E.B., Hasseler, E., Augustyn, L., Pedersen, T., Kovar, G. (2022). Noyce Science, 2012-2021 Ten Cohorts of Teachers, Master of Arts for Science Teaching Brings Science to Life. UNL Robert Noyce Track I, Phase II Grant Activity Brochure. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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Summary of UNL NSF Robert Noyce Track 1, Phase 2 grant (2015-2020) to recruit and prepare new secondary science teachers and associated research activities.

The perennial drive to recruit and prepare science professionals to become science teachers requires an enormous, collaborative effort. At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, we have pledged ourselves to that worthy cause of educating new science teachers. This report summarizes the accomplishments of and celebrates those science teachers who have dedicated themselves to educating diverse youth and fostering a love of science in a world of STEM possibilities. They are the new generation of educators who face, and will continue to overcome, the challenges of education with perseverance and purpose. From 2011–2016, our first UNL National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Science Teacher grant supported 60 individuals in six cohorts who sought to become science teachers across Nebraska and many other states in high-need school districts. Many of these graduates also have graciously served as outstanding cooperating teachers to individuals in more recent cohorts. Our second Noyce grant made it possible to support 31 more pre-service science teachers with undergraduate degrees in an area of science across four cohorts. Like the six cohorts before them, they enrolled in the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education’s Master of Arts with emphasis in science teaching (MAst) program. And like their predecessors, they are proving themselves dedicated professionals at a time when we need them in classrooms more than ever.