Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education


First Advisor

Dr. Lawrence Scharmann

Second Advisor

Guy Trainin

Date of this Version

Fall 11-28-2023


Schafer, Z. and Training, G. (2023). Embracing uncertainty: A narrative case study on teacher-learner relationships through restorative justice practices in education. The International Journal of Restorative Justice. vol. 6(Online first).

doi: 10.5553/TIJRJ.000193


Restorative justice practices in educational settings recognising trauma and extreme life circumstances have become increasingly relevant since the COVID-19 pandemic and the growing impacts of climate change. This narrative inquiry uses Clandinin and Connelly’s suggestions for data collection and narrative structure to describe the interactions between one teacher and one learner over the course of two years in a programme created as an alternative to school suspension. Using a dual framework combining a variety of perspectives from restorative justice practices and Chen’s model of uncertainty management in science education, the researchers iteratively and thematically analysed the teacher-learner interactions. The storied results unveiled the layered complexities within ongoing restorative conversations and relationships.

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