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1987. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, xv: 59-68. Copyright © 1987 Struempler


Chadron, Nebraska and Chadron State College have experienced rising underground water levels and deteriorating streets and buildings in recent years. Groundwater levels have been measured monthly on the campus and in the City for a six-year period (1981-1986). Water levels on the measured parts of the campus show a rise of about two feet per year for the 1981-1984 period. In ]985, the water table started to decline, probably linked to the drought and decreased consumption of lawn-irrigation water. In 1986, a wastewater (desaturation) well was installed and the groundwater table continued its decline. On the other hand, a slower increase in groundwater levels was noted in certain parts of the City during the 1981-1984 period. During 1985 and 1986, only a slight or no increase in water levels was noted in certain parts of the City. Precipitation patterns, water consumption, and the geology of the area are examined in relation to their possible effects toward the rising underground water levels. Suggestions are made to reverse this trend.

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