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Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences 28 (2002): 21-27


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Allocreadium lobatum Wallin 1909, a parasite of fresh-water fish, was originally described as having distinct lobate testes, and subsequent descriptions have left this original description unchanged. The present study quantifies the observation of distinctly non-lobate testes that could be categorized as round or asymmetrical in addition to the previously described lobate testes. Six hundred thirty-six A. lobatum were collected from 228 Semotilus atromaculatus over a 9 month period. Overall, 21.3%, 61.6%, and 16% were found to be round, asymmetrical, and lobate testes respectively (N = 1,071). Analysis of testis morphology found the increasing presence of lobate testis as the length of A. lobatum increased, being the prominent morph in parasites > 40 mm. Analysis of previous studies in Nebraska and Idaho, USA, confirm the presence of all three testicular categories, with a predominance of lobate testes in 9 of the 12 studies. Complete morphological analyses of A. lobatum over this study period are reported and demonstrate greater variation than did previous studies.