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1981. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, IX:9-11. Copyright © 1981 Butler


Sister chromatid exhanges (SCE) are considered indicators of genetic damage and early chromosome changes. The SCE frequency from an infertile 27-year-old, white male with tall stature and a non-dicentric Y/Y translocation consisting of one short arm and two long arms of the Y chromosome was determined. The SCE frequency was 7.9 ± SD 1.4 while to SCE frequency from ten control subjects was 8.4 ± SD 0.51. A two-tailed t-test was applied to the SCE data and no significant difference was found between the individual with the Y/Y translocation and control subjects. Apparently, this altered chromosomes does not interfere with the total chromosome behavior and the number of SCE's produced when compared to ten control subjects of both sexes.

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