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Published in Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, Volume 2 (1973).


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Water from Crawford National Fish Hatchery, Crawford, Nebraska is of high quality for rearing rainbow (Salmo gairdncrii) and brown trout (Saimo trutta). Analyses were conducted for two months during the summer of 1971 with mean results as follows: Acidity 16 mg/l, alkalinity 202 mg/l, ammonia 0.6 mg/l, calcium hardness 201 mg/l, carbon dioxide 23 mg/l, dissolved oxygen 8 mg/l, nitrates 6 mg/l, nitrites 0.02 mg/l, pH 7.6, temperature 16° C. and turbidity 4.6 J.T.V .. Bioassay studies indicated lethal concentrations of ammonia and carbon dioxide to brown trout to be 12 mg/l and 150 mg/l respectively.