Nebraska Academy of Sciences


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Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences, vol. 5 (1978)


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Clay content of Peorian loess and of control sections in soils formed from this loess was determined along transects perpendicular to loess sources in southeastern Nebraska. Maps showing geographic location of areas of equal clay content in the loess and in the control sec· tions were constructed to show relationships. In the parent loess, clay content and distance from source were significantly linear in relationship. In coarser·textured loess relatively near the source, clay content of control sections of soils formed in the loess were also linear. In loess more distant from the source, little relationship between clay content in control sections and distance of parent loess from source was evident. The overall relationship between clay content of control sections and distance was quadratic. Apparently in more clayey loess farther from the source, pedogenic factors other than parent-material clay content dominates the reasons why clay content in loessial soils differs. The maps are useful in development of soil surveys within the study area of southeastern Nebraska.