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This paper reflects an intense study of the benefits of how film can be integrated into theatrical live performance. Traditionally, live theatrical performance has used three-dimensional bodies in space to help in its storytelling. This research seeks to find ways in which live performance can be complimented through the use of multimedia components. Based on an analysis of the script Closet Land, by Radha Bharadwaj, this research highlights moments from the text by showing how the use of video and still images displayed through projectors in the live performance enhances the storytelling and gives broader depth to the characters’ subconscious and to the story at large. The experimentation of cinematography used in the filmmaking for Closet Land reflects research conducted on several filmmakers including Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, and David Lynch. Closet Land explores themes of gender parity and male dominance. To explore these themes further, and to relate to them in a contemporary way (as seen through social media today), in addition to the videos and still images created for this piece, found videos have also been acquired and compiled to help portray these reflections. The final part of this research will be taking place in the form of a technologically mediated performance in the Cobb Theatre this October, where all the components of research from live performance and the use of multimedia will hold hands with one another on stage.