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Madison College, NRSAD: Nursing Honors Workshop, Summer, August 2017


This literature review explored the available cultural support existing in the United States and abroad for internationally-educated nurses (IEN) and foreign-born student nurses (FBSN) in order to better understand how to improve patient outcomes by ensuring a successful cultural and linguistic transition into American nursing schools and clinical facilities. Fourteen articles regarding IEN and 12 articles regarding FBSN were used to compile recommendations to help create a more inclusive and supportive environment for IEN and FBSN in the United States. The results of this literature review indicate that there is an abundance of information regarding interventions for FBSN, but much research is lacking with regards to transitional programs for IEN coming to the United States. Recommendations are to conduct more research on barriers to implementation of transitional programs for IEN and to consider policy changes to make transitional programs mandatory; with regards to FBSN, it is recommended to conduct more evidence-based research regarding interventions for FBSN while also increasing funding and resources available to nursing schools for implementation of well-supported interventions.