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A recent article, “CCAF Continues to Provide Value to Air Force, Enlisted Members,” posted in the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) alumni group on LinkedIn generated over 100 comments from CCAF graduates regarding the value of that college’s degree.1 Their perceptions of the worth of the CCAF degree ranged from no value at all to its having a tremendous impact on careers and goals.2The foregoing served as the catalyst for this two-phased research. Only by comparing both sides of the problem will we have truly answered the question regarding the value of the degree. Phase one consisted of the current research project, focused on the collection and analysis of CCAF graduates’ perceptions regarding the value of their degree. Phase two will involve the collection of data collected from hiring managers from various fields of industry regarding their perception of the CCAF degree and their estimation of it during a review of an applicant’s credentials.