U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Research Service, Lincoln, Nebraska


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Proceedings of a Workshop in Lincoln, Nebraska, April 12-14, 1994 Last Updated – October 2001, PP. 1-328


In April, 1994, a workshop was held in Lincoln, Nebraska, to update the IPM document that resulted from a similar workshop in Manhattan, Kansas, in 1979 (Anonymous 1979). The workshop was initiated by Dr. Ralph A. Bram, USDA National Program Leader, and organized by Drs. Gustav D. Thomas, USDA-ARS, Lincoln, and John B. Campbell, University of Nebraska, North Platte. Participants were charged with assessing the current status of IPM programs for pests of veterinary importance, identifying needs for program improvements, and recommending future research and extension priorities. Participants, invited from federal and state government research and extension organizations, and the private sector, from the U.S. and Canada, were selected because of their expertise in various sectors of the field of veterinary entomology.

IPM needs of eight animal commodity groups were addressed at the Lincoln workshop: 1) poultry; 2) dairy cattle; 3) range beef cattle; 4) confined beef cattle; 5) swine; 6) sheep and goats 7) horses; and 8) dogs and cats. A subcommittee representing each commodity group prepared the chapters contained in the report. Formats vary somewhat from one chapter to another according to the subcommittees' needs, however each chapter contains an overall summary at the beginning, followed by a discussion of the major pests, research and extension needs, and issues pertaining to the animal group. The texts for these chapters were originally prepared in 1995 and updated in 2000-2001.


Anonymous. 1979. Proceedings of a Workshop on Livestock Pest Management: To Assess National Research and Extension Needs for Integrated Pest Management of Insects, Ticks, and Mites Affecting Livestock and Poultry, March 5 7, 1979, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas. USDA, 322pp.