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J. Agric. Entomol. 8(2): 93-100 (April 1991)


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Seasonal abundance of Sitophilus zeamais (SZ) and S. oryzae (SO) outside grain bins was monitored during 1986-88 with com-filled bait packets at three grain storage sites in southern South Carolina. Com was the predominant commodity stored at all sites. SZ were abundant and caught year-round at all sites, whereas SO were abundant and caught year-round only at the site at which wheat was stored regularly. Most weevils were caught during weeks when average temperatures were at or above 20°C. Catches generally peaked in fall, after newly-harvested grain was placed into storage. Catches fell during winter, began to rise in spring. peaked again during summer, and declined again in late summer. Results indicate that grain is susceptible to infestation by Sitophilus spp. year-round in South Carolina.