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Vol. 25(6): 803‐809


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Application of crop production and protection materials is a crucial component in the high productivity of American agriculture. Agricultural chemical application is frequently needed at specific times and locations for accurate site‐specific management of crop pests. Piloted agricultural aircraft are typically used to treat large, unobstructed, continuous acreage crops and are not as efficient when working over small or obstructed plots. An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which can be remotely controlled or fly autonomously based on pre‐programmed flight plans, may be used to make timely and efficient applications over these small area plots. This research developed a low volume spray system for use on a fully autonomous UAV to apply crop protection products on specified crop areas. This article discusses the development of the spray system and its integration with the flight control system of a fully autonomous, unmanned vertical take‐off and landing helicopter. Sprayer actuation can be triggered by preset positional coordinates as monitored by the equipped Global Positioning System (GPS). The developed spray system has the potential to provide accurate, site‐specific crop management when coupled with UAV systems. It also has great potential for vector control in the areas that are not easily accessible by personnel or equipment.