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ARS-91-37 October 1962


This guide is NOT a regulation and is NOT to be used as such.

For detailed information on interstate movement of swine, refer to Part 76 (as amended) of Title 9, Code of Federal Regulations. Copies of the regulations are available from the Animal Disease Eradication Division, Agricultural Research Service, U.S.D.A., Washington 25, D. C.

In addition to these Federal requirements, be sure to check the regulations of the State of destination.

Here is a general outline of the Federal regulations:

  • a Healthy, unexposed slaughter hogs can be moved interstate without restriction directly to recognized slaughtering centers for slaughter; or to public stockyards, or approved stockyards and livestock markets for sale for slaughter.
  • a Requirements for healthy, unexposed swine moved interstate for feeding or breeding purposes depend on (1) origin and (2) destination of shipment. In general, officially vaccinated pigs, properly identified as such and accompanied by a health certificate, can be shipped to any destination. Swine for feeding and breeding purposes can be moved without restriction to public stockyards, or to approved stockyards and livestock markets authorized to handle feeder pigs and breeding stock. But, such swine shipped from these points must be officially vaccinated and accompanied by a health certificate. Specific requirements are in the two tables.