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Kim, J. M., and B. W. Green. 2007. Color, cooking loss and textural properties of patties as affected by catfish belly flap mince size and cooking method. Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology 16 (1): 19-33.

doi: 10.1300/J030v16n01_03


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Patties were prepared with different sizes of channel catfish belly flap mince. Belly flap meat was minced using four different sizes of openings of plate, mixed with salt, formed, and cooked by two methods, in water and oven. Results indicated no differences (P>0.05) in Kramer shear break force in the patties cooked by different methods for same size of mince. As size of meat particles for patties decreased, increased were hardness and gumminess, and color difference from fillet, but decreased were Kramer shear break force as well as percent cooking loss (p< 0.05). Patties cooked in an oven showed greater color difference from fillet, percent cooking loss, hardness, and gumminess than those cooked in water for the same size of meat particles (p < 0.05).