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This fact sheet was prepared by the National Sea Grant Law Center as part of the Agricultural and Food Law Consortium.


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Commercial aquaculture operations, like traditional agricultural operations, sometimes face legal challenges from neighbors raising concerns about farm operations. Nuisance lawsuits filed against agricultural operations often involve allegations by neighboring property owners that the odor, dust, or noise associated with farming is interfering with their ability to enjoy and use their property. In general, “right-to-farm” legislation protects agricultural operations from such nuisance claims when certain conditions are satisfied. This document examines Nebraska’s right-to-farm legislation and how it applies to commercial aquaculture. For a more comprehensive explanation of right-to-farm laws and their significance, please refer to the National Sea Grant Law Center’s document entitled “Aquaculture and the Right to Farm,” which can be found at http://nsglc.olemiss.edu/projects/ag-food-law.