U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Research Service, Lincoln, Nebraska


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Published in Poultry Science (1999) 78:1044–1047


This study was performed to determine whether intact sperm storage tubules (SST) could be successfully isolated from the uterovaginal junction (UVJ) mucosa of the turkey. Large White BUTA hens were inseminated and euthanatized 24 to 48 h later. Oviducts were excised, UVJ tissue removed, and SST were procured by enzymatic digestion. Recovered SST were intact and contained motile sperm. The sperm were oriented with their acrosomes pointed towards the distal end of the SST, and their long axes in parallel with the long axis of the tubule’s lumen. This method for the isolation of intact SST can be readily applied for in vitro culture studies as well as for the extraction of DNA and RNA from the SST epithelium.