U.S. Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Research Service, Lincoln, Nebraska


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Published in J. Anim. Sci. (1989) 67:2709-2714


This study explored feed intake and carcass responses to active immunization against desulfated cholecystokinin-octapeptide (CCK-8) in ram lambs. Antibody titers 8 wk following primary immunization and booster immunizations given at 4 and 6 wk averaged greater than 1:1,000. Titers increased to greater than 1:10,000 by 16 wk following a final booster immunization at 11 wk. The antibodies developed against desulfated CCK-8 exhibited 29% and 13% cross-reactivities for sulfated CCK-8 and gastrin-17, respectively. Immunization against desulfated CCK-8 had no effect on feed intake, ADG, carcass weight or carcass quality grade. Backfat thickness and carcass yield grade were reduced (P < .05) by immunization. Organ weights at slaughter, including those of the pancreas and small intestines, were not affected by CCK-8 immunization, with the exception of the lungs, which were 16% lighter (P < .01) in immunized lambs. In conclusion, active immunization against desulfated CCK-8 resulted in development of high antibody titers against desulfated and sulfated CCK-8. Immunization against CCK-8 decreased fat content of the carcass but failed to affect feed intake, carcass weight or ADG.