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Published in The Journal of Parasitology, Vol. 65, No. 5 (Oct., 1979), p. 731


This excellent, somewhat Scottish text (the editor and most contributors live in Scotland), consists of 14 well-illustrated and informative chapters: 1. The Aquatic Environment by A. L. S. Munro; 2. The Anatomy and Physiology of Teleosts by A. E. Ellis, R. J. Roberts, and P. Tytler; 3. The Pathophysiology and Systematic Pathology of Teleosts by R. J. Roberts; 4. The Immunology of Teleosts by A. E. Ellis; 5. Neoplasia of Teleosts by Joan Budd and R. J. Roberts; 6. The Virology of Teleosts by Janet Liversidge and A. L. S. Munro; 7. The Parasitology of Teleosts by Ted Needham and R. Wootten; 8. The Bacteriology of Teleosts by R. H. Richards and R. J. Roberts; 9. The Mycology of Teleosts by R. H. Richards; 10. Nutritional Pathology of Teleosts by C. B. Cowey and R. J. Roberts; 11. Miscellaneous Non-infectious Diseases by R. J. Roberts; 12. Laboratory Methods by A. M. Bullock; 13. Therapy of Fish Diseases by C. J. Poupard; and 14. Husbandry and Management in Relation to Disease by C. J. Shepherd.