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Published in Copeia, Vol. 1974, No. 2 (Jun. 13, 1974), p. 577


This is a well organized, clearly written review of fish parasite control and treatment methods. The authors, who are renowned specialists in the field, have drawn together more than 390 up-to-date references and over 440 treatments. The treatments are discussed for each major parasite group in a handy chart form that greatly facilitates the book's usefulness. Interspersed between the charts are full-page or half-page color plates illustrating the parasites and the appearance of their infections in fish. There are 108 illustrations (all but 2 in color) on 57 pages, constituting more than 25% of the book's length and resulting in a significantly higher than expected price for a paperback. The authors, by their own admission, made no attempt to evaluate the various works cited or to provide a systematic means for the reader to determine the identification of the specific pathogen involved. They do, however, cite major references that deal with diagnosis of the pathogen or comprehensively discuss treatment and control methods.