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Published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1-2, (2001)


Established in 1981, Ennis NFH was located for the purpose of taking trout eggs from wild populations, and introducing fingerling fish back into public waters to sustain and enhance the sport fishery. The site was selected for the fractured rock out-cropping which gravity flows 15,000 gallons per minute of 54 °F spring waters; the ideal environmnet for producing trout.

In the 1970's the demand for catching trout decreased, but the demand for eggs increased. More emphasis was placed on broodstock and by the mid-80's production exceeded 20 million eggs. Today Ennis NFH operates as a federal broodstock hatchery and produces over 20 million rainbow trout eggs annually.

In fiscal year 2000, eyed eggs from 6 strains of rainbow trout were provided to Federal, State, and Tribal hatcheries, fish technology centers, and research facilities in 26 states.

Ennis NFH continues to be whirling disease free, and recent construction to cover the springs ensures its continued disease-free status.