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Published in Federal Register, Vol. 55, No. 99, Tuesday, May 22, 1990, Rules and Regulations


The Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) determines a fish, the Neosho madtom (Noturusplocidus), to be a threatened species under the authority of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (Act), as amended. The madlom is currently known from the Neosho River (Grand Riverin Oklahoma) drainage: in the Neosho, Cottonwood, and Spring Rivers in southeastern Kansas, southwestern Missouri, and northeastern Oklahoma. Habitat destruction andmodification, principally due to impoundments, dredging activities, and increased water demands, have decreased the distribution and abundance of the species and isolated it into three populations. This rule identifies the taxon as one in need of conservation, implements protective measures, and makes available recovery measures provided by the Act.