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Published by US Fish and Wildlife Service (1953) 25 pp.


This issue contains a summary of Mourning Dove populations data for assistance to the states and the Fish and Wildlife Service in preparing dove hunting regulations. It will also be of interest to all persons working on this important migratory game bird, whether in state game departments, institutions of learning, or individuals.

The previous issue was number 6, June 30, 1952. Since that date many of the southeastern dove projects have either been terminated or modified, so that information has not been gathered as extensively on populations during the past year as formerly. Consequently the major data available at this time has come from call-road counts taken between mid-May and mid-June in 41 states, random road counts during April and May in 7 southeastern states, and hunter bag checks in 9 southeastern states during last hunting season.

The following information is not for publication or citation. The conclusions have been placed first for quick reference.