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Tidewater Inn, Easton, Maryland (April 13-16, 1999)


AHM Implementation: Status and Issues (Fred Johnson)

Pacific Flyway Report (Dan Yparraguirre, Tom Aldrich, and Bob Trost)

Central Flyway Report (Mike Johnson, Jim Gammonley, and Dave Sharp)

Mississippi Flyway Report (Dale Humburg, Scott Baker, and Ken Gamble)

Atlantic Flyway Report (Bryan Swift, Gary Costanzo, and Jerry Serie)

Modeling and Adaptive Management of American Black Duck Populations (Mike Conroy)

Estimating optimal waterfowl harvest decisions using the genetic algorithm (Clinton T. Moore, Michael J. Conroy, Kevin Boston, and Walter D. Potter)

Communications Update (Dave Case and the Communications Team)

Communications Workshop (Fred Johnson and Working Group)

Current Conditions and Outlook for Breeding Waterfowl (Jim Dubovsky)

Updating Posterior Probabilities (Bill Kendall)

Modeling Survival of Midcontinent Mallards (Bill Kendall)

Modeling Reproduction of Midcontinent Mallards (Jim Dubovsky)

Assessing the Effect of Habitat on Midcontinent Mallards (Rex Johnson)

Managing the Harvests of Eastern Mallards (Fred Johnson)

Modeling Western Mallards (Sue Sheaffer)

Modeling Pintails (Mike Runge)

Estimation of Band-reporting Rates for Mallards: 1998 Pilot Study (Jim Kelley)

Modeling Mallard Harvests (Mary Moore, Paul Padding, and Woody Martin)

Changes in Mallard Harvests (Paul Padding)

Effects of Extended Framework Dates on Mallard Harvests in Iowa and Mississippi (Khristi Wilkins)

Potential Impacts of Nationwide Framework Extensions on the Regulation of Mallard Harvests (Fred Johnson)

Position Statement on Framework Extensions (Working Group)

Meeting Action Items (Working Group)