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Dolton, D.D., and R.D. Holmes. 2002. Mourning dove population status, 2002. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Laurel, Maryland. 30 pp.


This report includes Mourning Dove Call-count Survey information gathered over the last 37years within the conterminous United States. Trends were calculated for the most recent 2- and 10-year intervals and for the entire 37-year period. Between 2001 and 2002, the average number of doves heard per route increased significantly in the Western Management Unit. No change was detected for the Eastern and Central Units. Over the most recent 10 and 37-year periods, significant declines were indicated for doves heard in the Central and Western Units. Additionally, in the Eastern Management Unit, a significant decline was detected over 37 years while there was no trend indicated over the most recent 10 years. In contrast, for doves seen over the 10-year period, a significant increase was found in the Eastern Unit while no trends were found in the Central and Western Units. Over the 37- year period, no trend was found for doves seen in the Eastern and Central Units while a decline was indicated for t he Western Unit.