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PIF Strategic Action Plan – Version 1.0 p.1 (June 7, 2012)



Partners in Flight (PIF) celebrated its 20th anniversary in bird conservation in 2010. To prepare for the next 20 years, the PIF Steering Committee held a facilitated strategic planning session on 11-12 September 2011, near Omaha, NE. Participants reaffirmed the value and centrality of PIF’s mission and goals.

Partners In Flight Mission

The Partners in Flight mission is expressed in three related concepts:

*Helping Species at Risk – Species must be conserved before they become imperiled. Allowing species to become threatened or endangered results in long-term and costly recovery efforts whose success is far from guaranteed. Endangered species must not only be protected from extinction but must be recovered to once again play their roles in ensuring the future of healthy ecosystems.

*Keeping Common Birds Common – Common native birds, both resident and migratory, must remain common throughout their natural ranges. These species comprise the core of our avian diversity and are integral to the integrity of the ecosystems of which they are a part.

*Voluntary Partnerships for Birds, Habitats and People – Conservation of landbirds and their habitats is not a task that can be undertaken alone. Partnerships must be formed with others who are working for conservation on the same landscapes as well as those who depend on those landscapes for their economic and social well-being. The conservation of natural systems is fundamentally necessary for life on earth, including that of humans.

Partners in Flight Long-term Goals

The long-term goals of Partners in Flight are:

*Ensure an active scientifically-based conservation design process that identifies and develops solutions to threats and risks to landbird populations.

*Maintain and strengthen a coordinated network of conservation partners implementing the objectives of the landbird conservation plans at multiple scales.

*Secure sufficient commitment and resources to support vigorous implementation of landbird conservation objectives