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News Release January 10, 2017


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DENVER - The endangered Salt Creek tiger beetle is not only one of the worlds rarest insects but also a voracious predator that pounces like a tiger, using part of its mandibles to capture prey that is as big as it is.

This amazing beetle is only found in the salty muddy banks of the Little Salt Creek near Lincoln, NE. To try to save it from extinction and conserve the habitat it calls home, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is releasing the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle Final Recovery Plan, which includes identification of important recovery areas in Lancaster and Saunders Counties. The plan guides management of the beetle for the next decade, describes actions necessary for the beetle’s recovery, and establishes criteria for both downlisting (to threatened status) and delisting the species. It also includes the time and cost for implementing the needed recovery actions.