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Published by the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife Washington, B.C.


This bibliography comprises publications in fishery and wildlife research authored or coauthored by research scientists of the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife and certain predecessor agencies. Separate lists, arranged alphabetically by author, are given for each of 17 fishery research and 6 wildlife research laboratories, stations, investigations, or centers. Publications coauthored by Bureau scientists from different research units are credited to the facility at which the senior author was stationed at the time of publication.

Although the Federal Government has supported research on fish and wildlife since the late 1800's, the relatively few works published in the early years are not directly identifiable with the existing or recent research units whose bibliographies are included here. Consequently the present lists, with three exceptions, are limited to the contributions of facilities that began operation in or after 1939, the year in which the Department of the Interior was given responsibility for fishery and wildlife research. The exceptions are the Great Lakes Fishery Laboratory (established in 1927), the Tunison Laboratory of Fish Nutrition (1932), and the Western Fish Disease Laboratory (1935).