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Journal of Mammalogy, Vol. 54, No. 4 (Nov., 1973), pp. 962-968


Few observations have been made on populations of bats in caveless Louisiana. information on populations of some species was included by Lowery (1943) on distribution and taxonomy of the mammals of Louisiana. Pagels (1970) presented data on populations of Tadarida brasiliensis, but these were incidental to a study perature responses. Some observations made during a one-year study of a Pipistrellus subflavus were summarized by Jones and Pagels (1968).

Data on population structure and habits of P. subflavus were summarized and Davis (1969). Pipistrellus subflavus was reported to make extensive use as winter hibernacula and summer night roosts. Data on summer day roosts were but a few observations suggested the possibility of trees or foliage (Findley, (1966) studied population dynamics of P. subflavus in West Virginia caves. and Davis (1969) pointed out that pipistrelles were rarely found in buildings, but individual records were available.