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Ellen Fritts

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Published by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Juneau, Alaska. 190 pp.


This document was developed to promote protection of Alaska’ wildlife from nonnative rodents, especially rats. If constitutes a statewide invasive rodent management plan, which is part of a multi-agency effort to minimize the impact of invasive species in Alaska. A literature search and interviews were conducted, and reviews were obtained from experts in Alaska and elsewhere. The plan summarizes resisting information relevant to Alaska and recommends a collaborative structure for undertaking strategic actions, the Alaska Rodent Action Team. It also identifies dozens of strategic actions that are needed to prevent and eradicate invasive rodents. These fall into six categories: legal and policy, rat spill response, health and safety, community rodent prevention and control, and wildlife and habitat restoration. Additionally, the plan provides a practical guide to assist industry and local community-level efforts.