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Published in BioScience, Vol. 24, No. 8 (Aug., 1974), pp. 464-465 Published by University of California Press on behalf of the American Institute of Biological Sciences


Fish Pathology states in its subtitle that it is "A guide to the recognition and treatment of diseases and injuries of fIshes with emphasis on environmental and pollution problems." These topics were included in the author's earlier volume "Krankheiten und Schadigungen der Fische" (Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart, 1966) and are only slightly revised in . this English translation by Christa Ahrens. Fish Pathology deals briefly but inadequately with semiology and histopathologY but it is a good introduction to information on infectious, parasitic, and nonparasitic diseases of fishes, and to such subjects as the harmful effects of pollutants and abnormal environmental factors, injuries, abnormal development, treatment and control, ichthyozoonoses, etc. It is apparent that the author has attempted to report, without critical evaluation, anything associated with diseases and with factors that affect the viability of fIshes. The list of English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish names for some common species of fIsh is very useful.