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Summer Lake Basin

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Depth, PSV age, 18O, 13C data for Summer Lake core B&B are reported in:

Benson, L., Lund, S., Negrini, R., Linsley, B., and Zic, M., 2003, Response of North American Great Basin lakes to Dansgaard-Oeschger oscillations: Quaternary Science Reviews vol. 22, p. 2239-2251.

General Comment: In most cases an age model based on 14C analyses is not included with the data sets although ones were created for the original publications. Given the general problems with 14C ages in the lakes of the Great Basin, age models based on paleomagnetic secular variation (PSV) are much preferred. However the original 14C data are included below so that the reader may create their own age models. Most of the calibrated ages in this data base have been done more recently than the times of original publication so they may not exactly match the dates in the publications