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Published in Wildlife Society Bulletin 2000, 28(3):558-564.


It is necessary periodically to identify research priorities so that future research will be directed toward the most pertinent issues in waterfowl ecology and management. To that end, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center convened a quorum of experts on the ecology of breeding waterfowl, the Waterfowl Working Group, to 1) develop a mission statement, 2) identify waterfowl research priorities in the northern Great Plains, and 3) determine the frequency for re-identifying research needs. Research needs (nonprioritized) identified by the group and described in detail herein included: 1) determine effects of landscape factors on demographics and recruitment of ducks in the Prairie Pothole Region; 2) develop, improve, or update estimates of important parameters used in existing models for management and planning; 3) evaluate waterfowl management activities at broad, regional scales; 4) direct studies at waterfowl species of concern; and 5) evaluate applicability of the bird-conservation-area concept to waterfowl. The Waterfowl Working Group will reconsider research priorities at 2-year intervals.