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SoftwareX 20 (2022) 101215.


Open access.


CoastalImageLib is a Python library that produces common coastal image products intended for quantitative analysis of coastal environments. This library contains functions to georectify and merge multiple oblique camera views, produce statistical image products for a given set of images, and create subsampled pixel instruments for use in bathymetric inversion, surface current estimation, run-up calculations, and other quantitative analyses. This package intends to be an open-source broadly generalizable front end to future coastal imaging applications, ultimately expanding user accessibility to optical remote sensing of coastal environments. This package was developed and tested on data collected from the Argus Tower, a 43 m tall observation structure in Duck, North Carolina at the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s Field Research Facility that holds six stationary cameras which collect twice-hourly coastal image products. Thus, CoastalImageLib also contains functions designed to interface with the file storage and collection system implemented at the Argus Tower.