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Caribbean Journal of Science, Vol. 39, No. 3, 399-402, 2003


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The shaggy sac-winged bat, Centronycteris centralis (Chiroptera: Emballonuridae), occurs mainly in lowland forests from Veracruz, Mexico, to Peru, although it has been reported from elevations as high at 1450 m in Panama (Simmons and Handley 1998; Hice and Solari 2002). Most captures of the species are of single individuals, and throughout its distribution, this bat is rare and poorly-known (Emmons 1997; Reid 1997; Simmons and Handley 1998). Centronycteris centralis generally has been assumed to be an aerial insectivore, capturing flying insects on the wing (Starrett and Casebeer 1968; Wilson 1973; Timm et al. 1989; LaVal and Rodrı´guez 2002). However, direct evidence supporting this trophic role has been lacking. Herein, I report on a specimen of C. centralis from seasonally- inundated swamp forest in the Caribbean lowlands of northeastern Costa Rica that provides valuable information on distribution, morphological variation, reproduction, and feeding habits of this species.