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Published in JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 111, D10202, doi:10.1029/2005JD006653, 2006.


Desert dust simulations generated by the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Community Climate System Model for the current climate are shown to be consistent with present day satellite and deposition data. The response of the dust cycle to last glacial maximum, preindustrial, modern, and doubled-carbon dioxide climates is analyzed. Only natural (non-land use related) dust sources are included in this simulation.

Mahowald--2005jd006653-fs01.eps (478 kB)
eps file -- 2 graphs Model vs Observation

Mahowald--2005jd006653-fs02.eps (14831 kB)
eps file -- 6 charts (world) -- dust deposition

Mahowald--2005jd006653-fs03.eps (1328 kB)
eps file -- 7 sites, AOT by month

Mahowald--2005jd006653-fs04.eps (1623 kB)
eps file -- 17 sites, Dust by month

Mahowald--2005jd006653-readme.txt (2 kB)
txt file -- readme

Mahowald--2005jd006653-ts01.xls (46 kB)
xls spreadsheet -- Tables S1-S7

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txt file -- table & figure captions and references