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Published in Chemical Geology 215 (2005) 517– 523.


Goslarite–bianchite equilibria were determined along four humidity-buffer curves at 0.1 MPa and between 27 and 36 °C. Results, based on tight reversals along each humidity buffer, can be represented by ln K (±0.005)=19.643-7015.38/T, where K is the equilibrium constant and T is temperature in K. Our data are in excellent agreement with several previous vapor-pressure measurements and are consistent with the solubility data reported in the literature. Thermodynamic analysis of these data yields 9.634 (±0.056) kJ mol-1 for the standard Gibbs free energy of reaction, which is in good agreement with the value of 9.658 kJ mol-1 calculated from the thermodynamic data compiled and evaluated byWagman et al. [Wagman, D.D., Evans, W.H., Parker, V.B., Schumm, R.H., Halow. I., Bailey, S.M., Churney, K.L., Nuttal, R.L., 1982. The NBS tables of chemical thermodynamic properties. Selected values for inorganic and C1 and C2 organic substances in SI units.