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Published in The Quarterly Review of Biology. Volume 78, Issue 2, Pages 223–224, June 2003. Copyright © 2003 University of Chicago Press. Used by permission.


Pathogenesis is one potential outcome of the constant struggle between host defenses and the desire of microorganisms to acquire a privileged niche. This mutually competitive evolutionary process has resulted in interactions among complex and often elegant systems throughout the course of infections. The complexity of these interactions and the large number of infectious agents that exist makes the introduction of students to infectious diseases, as well as a comprehensive review of the field, an extremely daunting task. This book provides just such a comprehensive and timely description of the field in a manner that is easily understandable and enjoyable to read. There is possibly only one other book that attempts to cover similar topics, making this volume an important addition to the critical reading lists for students and postdoctoral researchers, as well as providing a useful reference for established investigators.